The Cost of Living

The cost of living is an interesting story to read. The title itself leads me to my curiosity. In the title it suggests that our life has its cost very contradicting to what I know that life is a gift from God. I expect that the story will have enough reasons to prove that living has its cost.

David is a very loving husband to his beloved wife, Mrs. Rachel Anastasia “Shelley” Lazaro. An accident happened that brings his wife to her death. It was his greatest fear, to lose his greatest treasure-her wife. Mateo came into the picture that changed the whole story. He offered a miracle, he offered life for a dead person and this time for Shelley. He accepted it though he is striving for the maintenance of the LRX (Life Extension Regimen) of her wife. He knew that it was immoral to do such decision but he really loves her wife that he don’t want to lose her. All of his property were sold. He came into the point that he didn’t have the money to buy the LRX of her wife. He felt the guilt and the struggle seeing his love ones suffering from hunger.The next day he bought the maintenance and when got to their home he saw their cat whom they call it Sparky, lifeless in the hands of Shelley and said “I got really hungry”. I was blown up especially in the last part. I didn’t expect the LRX was not really a clean drug, that it was a creepy substance. This story is somehow depicting the real life. The fact that David value his wife so much, that he will do whatever it takes. It reflects the real essence of love. In this story, the true meaning of love was emphasized. I admire the love of David for his wife that he endure all the struggle just for the sake of Shelley.The only thing that bothers me in the story is the LRX substance. It is weird that it was made up of creepy thing. I think it was made out of blood and flesh of animals or worst human. If I was David I will not do the same thing. I will accept her death because it was her time, who am I to prolong it? I believe in God and immorality is not my doing. I know it is so hard to accept that I will lose her but I know it will heal through the guidance of the God Almighty. If I will have the chance to explore more about the story, I will look into the composition of LRX.I am very much curios of that because the story didn’t reveal the LRX as well as the real state of the resurrected man.The social issue reflected in this story is the real situation of the poor in terms of healthcare. Poor ones cannot afford the medicines, while the rich can have it anytime. People have to strive for the medicine and for their life. I can say in this story that truly love conquers all. Though struggle, poverty and million problems hinder a relationship, it will not break as long as love is binding them

We all have our sacrifices for our loved ones. We do all the things that we can for their happiness and freedom.


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