Cupid and Psyche (Venus’ Voice)

I am the Goddess of beauty, all people must praise me. I am your god! All men must recognize how beautiful I am. All men must kneel down and give their offerings to me, but what happened? Psyche came into the picture. She took it all. She stole the attention which was supposedly mine. Everyone’s screaming for the name of their goddess of beauty, Psyche.

I felt useless. I am the reigning queen, but it seems like I am not. Who is that Psyche anyway? She is immortal and I am a god but my beauty is nothing compared to her. Even Cupid my beloved son, she took him away from me. My cupid, he is my greatest treasure but now he’s gone.

My greatest fear came. Cupid came to me in a great disappointment. He had this wound in his arms and in his heart.  My son is a victim of Psyche and that suspect must pay for all the things she did. She stole my crown, and now she hurt my son. She must pay. I can accept that he took my servants, but stealing my son is a wrong move. I will make sure that she will pay for it. I will give her sufferings that she can’t endure.

But what touches my heart is Psyche’s determination. She is patient and she is so enduring. I gave the most impossible challenge to her but she manages to overcome those. She is beautiful from the outside and the inside. She is really a god of beauty. I can’t blame my son from loving that woman. Maybe, it is the perfect time to let them go, to have their own life. Now, they are living peacefully in the land of goddesses. I don’t have to worry about my son.  She truly love my Cupid and I know that woman will take care of my son very well.


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